Saturday, November 22, 2014

21st Party Congress Logo Unveiled

The logo for the 21st all India Party Congress was released on November 19th at M B Bhavan in Hyderabad by CPI(M) Polit Bureau member B V Raghavulu. The Party Congress is scheduled to take place from April 14 - 19, 2015 in the port city of Vishakapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. Reflecting the city's identity of being a major port on the east coast and being home to a large working class population, the logo depicts a huge ship draped in red colour, on top of which the working people are standing with raised arms and flags.

The state secretaries of both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh state committees of the CPI(M), Thammineni Veerabhadram and P Madhu were present on the occasion along with Central Committee member of the Party Paturi Ramaiah.

Speaking on the occasion, Raghavulu said the Party Congress would be taking place at a time when the communal forces are ascendant and the implementation of neo-liberal economic policies has been intensified. He said the Party Congress would take stock of the situation and provide direction for countering these dangers. Given the present situation, the Party Congress would focus on rejuvenating the Left forces in the country.

He explained how the preparations for hosting the Congress are happening at a fast pace under the Reception Committee that has been formed. This would also be an occasion to showcase the unity of Telugu people. Already both the state committees, leasers and cadre along with Party members are involved in making the Party Congress a big success. He reminded that the then united state hosted Party Congress in 1982 (Vijayawada) and in 2002 (Hyderabad). He appealed to the Telugu people to make the 21st Congress a success.

Thammineni Veerabhadram said the Party Congress would be held in such a manner as to bring major changes in both AP and Telangana. He charged the chief ministers of both states of acting irresponsibly and blaming each other for the problems being faced by the people. They are trying to obscure the fact that it is the capitalist system that is the cause of these problems. The Party Congress will discuss about the alternative policies to the anti-people neo-liberal policies of the governments

CPIM JK State Secretary Mohammed Yousuf Tarigami files nominations

 State Secretary CPI(M), Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami on November 12th filed his nomination papers in the office of Dy. Commissioner Kulgam. He was accompanied by Ghulam Hassan Mir, Hakeem Mohammad Yaseen, other prominent party leaders and large number of supporters. It may be recalled here that Tarigami is seeking mandate from the electorate of Kulgam constituency for fourth consecutive term, as he has retained the seat since 1996 continuously.

A mammoth gathering accompanied Tarigami presenting a festivity look in Kulgam town with all young and female folk attired differently dancing on the tunes of drums. People from all walks of life had thronged the office headquarters of CPI (M) since wee hours who joined a large procession to accompany Tarigami to DC office for filing his nominations. The much delighted and enthusiastic supporters of Tarigami were seen raising piercing slogans in his favour and expressing optimism about the winning of their beloved leader. As if attending a ceremony, the females were seen singing and the joyful youngsters were scintillating and clapping. Entire Kulgam town and streets were decorated with banners, posters and buntings presenting a ceremonious scene everywhere.
Addressing the rally at Town Hall Kulgam after filing nominations, Tarigami said that peace in the south Asia is subservient to cordial relations between India and Pakistan and hostilities be pacified on LOC to foster the peace and ensure the development in the sub-continent. He appealed both the countries to carry forward a meaningful dialogue for exploring means to resolve the bilateral issues including Kashmir, besides dialogue with all shades of opinion on the internal front is also an obligation of the Government of India.
The CPI(M) leader said that the political setup is being much humiliated by the opportunists and defectionists that has eroded the faith of the people in the democracy and the electorate process. He said that the tainted and tempted bureaucrats are equally adding to this humiliation on securing their space in the political spectrum. The political parties don’t hesitate to embrace these unwarranted and blotted elements with open arms. It is very astonishing and sorry state of affairs on the part of the political parties that power hungry defectionists and corrupt retires are being sensitively positioned in their cadres making the people much dejected and disgusted with the political dispensation, Tarigami remarked.
Tarigami said that on the one hand the divisive forces are promptly trying to create a wedge among the people of the state on communal lines and on the other the political system is being rotted by the ill elements, labeling it as an unholy entity. He appealed the people to reject these elements by declaring their verdict against them in the forthcoming elections. The forthcoming elections are an appropriate opportunity for everybody especially the young electorate to participate in the democratic process and have their role in policy making and implementation, he said and appealed the youth to come forward and be a part of political setup to set the deteriorating politics in right direction and endeavoring for socio-political empowerment of every section especially the new generation.

Ignoring the miseries of the people after the recent deluge, the central government is putting its all energy in power grabbing in the state by hook or crook, which is vindicated by recent political developments, Tarigami said, adding that BJP led government has declined from its early stand of declaring the calamity as a national disaster. Thought the fact remains that the state has been in need of economic packages from the government of India from time to time since turmoil erupted in the state for revival of its economy and infrastructure development, he asserted. He reiterated CPI(M)s demand of declaring the recent devastating floods as National Disaster and a massive economic package for the State to bring it back on the rails of the development.

The rally was also addressed by Ghulam Hassan Mir, Hakeem Mohammad Yaseen and other senior leaders, who sought a decisive mandate for Tarigami from the electorate of Kulgam. They said that his achievements on socio-political, economic and developmental front have remained remarkable and is enjoying a prominent and respectable status in political circles which demands applause from the people. The AMM leaders stressed the necessity to fight unitedly through this platform against the corruption, misgovernance, unemployment, human rights violations and for creating a peaceful atmosphere in the state. They assured that they will continuously raise their voice for the democratic rights of the people of all the three regions of the state

CPI(M) candidate for Wachi (Jammu Kashmir) constituency filed nomination

CPI(M) candidate for Wachi constituency Zahoor Ahmad Rather filed his nominationShopian November 22: CPI (M) candidate for Wachi constituency Zahoor Ahmad Rather today filed his nomination papers in the office of Dy. Commissioner Shopian. He was accompanied by Mohamad Yousuf Tarigami, State Secretary CPI (M) and other prominent party leaders and large number of supporters. It may be recalled here that Zahoor Ahmad Rather is seeking mandate from the electorate of Wachi constituency for first time.People from all walks of life had thronged village Hermain in Wachi where a mammoth rally was addressed by the CPI (M) leaders after filing of nomination papers. Entire village was decorated with banners, posters and buntings presenting a ceremonious scene everywhere. The much delighted and enthusiastic supporters of CPI (M) were seen raising piercing slogans in favour of their candidate.Stating that the people in south Kashmir’s district Shopian are suffering for want of basic amenities at a time when the world has taken a quantum leap in socio-economic development, infrastructure building and technology, Tarigami said and added that the negligence plunged the agriculture and horticulture sectors into greater crises though they remained the mainstay of people here. He regretted that absence of modern infrastructure had rendered this sector unproductive in many respects, heaping untold miseries upon rural population.Tarigami said that Shopian being a prominent fruit zone of the Valley fetches maximum income to the state through export of fruits so there is an urgent need for introducing modern horticulture and agriculture-related infrastructure in the district.In his address CPI (M) contesting candidate Zahoor Ahmad Rather said that most of the areas of Shopian district were neglected by the successive governments."The poor condition of roads and bridges, inadequate road connectivity, absence of proper health care facilities, lack of proper educational infrastructure, unemployment of educated youth, lack of safe drinking water and non-availability of essentials across the district bear witness to the hollowness of claims made by the governments," he added.“A special package of funds be provided for the development of Shopian district, cold storage, modern grading facilities for apple growers of the district, incentives and inputs be provided to the farmers and fruit growers of the area to which they are entitled under various schemes and exemption of interest on loans to the fruit growers,” the CPI (M) candidate said and assured the electorate of Wachi constituency that he will continuously fight for their rights.Others who addressed the rally include senior CPI (M) leader Ghulam Rasool Ganaie and Youth leader Abdul Rashid Itoo.

Left parties in Andhra Pradesh demand all-party meet on relief package

Left parties in Andhra Pradesh on Friday demanded that the government convene an all-party meeting to discuss the package for farmers who have to part with their land for the capital. 

The parties criticised the government for taking unilateral decisions on capital building without taking stakeholders, including farmers, into confidence. A delegation of Left parties on Friday visited the villages falling under the jurisdiction of the proposed capital.
The team, comprising representatives of the CPI, CPI (M), CPI-ML (New Democracy), CPI-ML (Liberation), SUCI (Communist), MCPI (U) and the All India Forward Bloc, interacted with farmers on the package announced by the government.

Addressing a meeting at Library Centre, CPI State secretary K. Ramakrishna demanded that the government implement the Land Acquisition Act 2013 and do justice to farmers, agriculture labourers, tenant farmers and land owners in Tullur and neighbouring villages.
Mr. Ramakrishna also questioned Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu’s motives behind his Singapore visit and the proposed acquisition of 30,000 acres of fertile land for the capital project. He wanted the government to come clear on land pooling issue and reveal the names of developers. He added that the Left parties were not against the new capital. 

CPI (M) State secretary P. Madhu said nearly 1.50 lakh people lived in 25 villages around Tullur, of which, 12,000 were small and marginal farmers and close to 40,000 were agriculture labourers. Majority of farmers and land owners in the region are Dalits, he added. Mr. Madhu also demanded that the government provide land to land as compensation and four times the existing market price besides a job to each family. Former MLC Jelli Wilson, Gurram Vijay Kumar, K. Rama Rao, P.V. Sunder Rama Raju, K. Rama, Tumati Sivaiah, D. Haranath, B. Tulasi Das and P. Prasad were present. 
(Couretesy :The Hindu)


Left-Farmers’ Organizations in West Bengal have called for “Gram-Bandh” and will be organizing massive agitation movement on 26th November in each village, throughout the state of West Bengal in protest of anti-people policies adopted by both BJP-led Central and TMC-led State Governments; particularly in demand for increasing price of rice and continuation of MGNREGA, the rural job generating scheme. Announcement of this Gram-Bandh and agitation-movement has been done by Madan Ghosh on Saturday (15th November), on behalf of different Left-farmers’ organizations.

Madan Gosh said that on 26th November, agriculture-based poor villagers will observe “Gram-Bandh” and organize massive agitation-movement in front of office of the Local-Governments and administrations. But he has announced that communication system will not be disturbed, busses will be allowed to move freely; schools & colleges will remain open. He said that only agriculture-based works will be stalled on that day as a mark of protest.

In this connection it is to be mentioned that the TMC-led State Government has fixed bonus on the price of Rice @15 pice/Kg, i.e. @Rs.15/-/ Quintal only; but on the other hand the neighboring states have increase the bonus amount of rice @Rs.100/ to Rs.200/- per quintal. Madhya Pradesh State has paid the bonus @Rs.300/- per quintal. We may remind that the Left-Front Government of West Bengal had paid the bonus @Rs.100/- per quintal of rice four years back. Farmers’ Organizations have expressed their concern that TMC Government has announced the bonus @Rs.15/ per quintal of rice, without considering the sky-rocketing price rise. They have raised question- whether Government is giving them alms/ dole! They are not begging; it is their legitimate right. They have demanded bonus @Rs.200/- per quintal of rice. Base price of rice was @Rs.1310/- per quintal during last year, but State Govt. has increase Rs.50/-per quintal only for this year, i.e. at present total price of rice per quintal is @Rs.1360/- only; which is much below the agricultural production cost of rice. The TMC-Government is totally betraying farmers. As a result, it is apprehended that rice may be sent to nearby states for sell. They have demanded that Government should have established rice-procuring centers in each locality; so that farmers can sell out their agricultural products in actual and desirable price and can minimize their transport time and cost.

Further, BJP-led Central and TMC-led State Governments have jointly made a conspiracy to cut off the opportunity of 100-days MNREGA programme for marginal poor people of the rural villages. Central Government has planned to cut off the scheme and confined the REGA scheme within 200 back-ward Blocks only. The TMC- Government has also joined hands with BJP-Led Central Government and has already published a list of 123 Blocks; where only REGA scheme will be implemented. Both the Central and State Governments have deliberately planning to divide village people in different ways. Central Government has not only slashed the fund allocation for the scheme, but they have also reduced the percentage of fund allocated for working-days and daily wages. Ratio between working-days and materials has been reduced from 60:40 to 51:49; and as a result amount of working-days (daily-wages) will be reduced drastically and poor people will be suffered severely.

Moreover, Government has reduced allocation of funds for the social projects like- Farmers’ Pension, Old-age Pension, Widow Pension etc. Hostel Grants for SC and ST students are due since January 2014. It has been learnt that Tista irrigation project is going to be stopped by the State Government; so that farmers will be suffered. Again, about 1 lakh 90 thousand seats are lying vacant under the state Government. Left-Farmers’ Organizations have demanded that both the Central and State Governments have to solve all above mentioned problems immediately. They have given the call of “Gram-Bandh” in each village throughout the state on November 26 to voice against bulldozing of the poor people

Thursday, November 13, 2014

AIDWA condemns deaths due to criminal negligence of BJP Goverment

 AIDWA is absolutely shocked at the deaths of 8 women at the hands of the health department, Chhattisgarh Government and appalled at the level of negligence that has led to nearly 50 more women being hospitalised and still in serious condition. These women were participating in a family planning camp organised at a private hospital under the National Family Planning Programme, in Takhatpur Block of Bilaspur District on 8th November 2014. All of them were under 32 years of age and had put their lives and their future at the hands of the health department, which the department so negligently snatched away.

It is absolutely deplorable that in complete disregard of the Supreme Court’s order, the surgeon performed nearly 83 operations in 5-6 hours. The scale of this incident clearly shows that these operations were not done in clean and sterilized conditions. The quality of drugs and other consumables also come into question. The motivation for such government programmes to be held in private sector hospitals, rather than in government ones is questionable.

This is not the first time that women have been at the receiving end of the government’s pro-privatisation, pro-profit, and anti-poor policies in the last few years. In 2012 nearly 7000 women had their uteruses taken out by private hospitals within a period of 30 months in order to profit from the Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana package money. From 2011 to 13 more than 80 people lost their eyesight due to botched up cataract operations. This year in Raipur city, more than 30 people died of Hepatitis E outbreak, of which nearly half were pregnant women.

All these incidents reflect the utter callousness of the government of Chhattisgarh in ensuring any kind of health for its people, especially poor and rural women.

The only step that the government has taken on this incident is to announce mere Rs. 4 lakh compensation for the families of the dead and suspension of the Director Health Services, State Family Planning Nodal Officer, BMO, Takhatpur, the operating Surgeon and Bilaspur CMHO. However, such incidents illustrate the systematic failures and the person responsible for taking all the critical decisions, the Health Minister, needs to be removed and legal action taken against him for the criminal lapse.

The 3-member probe team constituted to enquire about this incident are part of the government machinery itself. We fear that like in many previous cases, the enquiry will simply be an eye wash. We demand that the investigating team should include people who are not a part of the health department in Chhattisgarh, and respected experts. All the victims who are currently in serious condition should be given the best of care and it should be ensured that no further deaths occur

Such ‘Camps’ keep getting organised daily in various parts of the state. The government gives unwritten targets to all its health functionaries. Sterilizations are often dependent on doctors coming from other blocks, district or the private sector. This leads to huge delays and long waiting period for the women. Many a time the ‘camp’ has to get cancelled because the doctor does not come or he/she comes only if certain number of cases has arrived. All this leads to extreme harassment of the women patients.

The state still focuses on the more permanent methods of family planning rather than the temporary methods and subjects especially women to such surgeries. We demand that women be provided with safe choices for contraception. The public health system has to be made to function properly, with quality so that poor people do not get exploited by the private sector.


State Secretaries of Four Left Parties - Comrades Bant Brar, (CPI), Charan Singh Virdi, CPI(M), Mangat Ram Pasla, CPM Punjab & Gurmit Singh Bakhtupur, CPI(ML) Liberation addressing  Press conference

The four left parties, namely CPI, CPI(M) ,CPM Punjab , and CPI(ML) Libration have jointly launched a mass struggle against the Akali – BJP misrule in Punjab and for the realisation of pressing demands of workers , peasants , unemployed youth, dalit and women including scraping of black law which scuttles democratic rights. The State Secretaries of Left Parties – Comrades Bant Singh Brar , ( CPI ), Charan Singh Virdi, CPI(M), Mangat Ram Pasla, CPM Punjab, and Gurmit Singh Bakhtupur, CPI(M) Liberation. jointly addressed a Press conference at the Press Club. 

They stated that after holding a joint convention at Jalandher on August 4, massive demonstrations were staged at all the district headquarters and submmited to the govt. a 14 Point demand charter . They further said that Left Parties conducted a Jatha March in all the 22 districts from October 25 to 30 during which it was observed that almost all the sections of the society are totally fed up with the govt. and its hollow promises made during the election. They condemned the callous and adamant attitude of the govt. in respect of just & burning demands is condemnable. They declared that as a third phase of joint struggle a State Level Chitawani Rally ( Warning Rally ) will be held at Ludhiana on November 28,2014 in which more than 50,000 peoples are expected to participate in the massive rally. They said that It will be strong warning to the govt. for conceding the demand charter or to face to a militant mass movement in the near future.

The leaders indicated that this rally would also lodge mass protest against the intensified implementation of anti people neo liberal agenda of the Modi the Centre.

They alleged that the Govt. is hell-bent upon further privatization of public sector, diluting the MNREGA , abolishing the meagre subsidies for the downtrodden & crises ridden peasantry , opening more and more sectors for the exploitation of FDI, dismantling the labour laws at the behest of foreign and domestic corporate houses and introducing most reactionary and communal content in education curricula. They also were critical that the govt is also attacking democratic norms and forms so as to move towards a RSS dictated administration and to harm secular political system. They said that all the issues will be strongly raised in the 28th November Rally. Alongwith State leaders of these four Left parties,Central leaders of these parties, especially Com.Parkash Karat, General Secretary CPI( M) , Com. Dipankar Bhattacharya, General Secretary CPI (ML ) Liberation & Veteren Leader of CPI, Com.A.B.Bardhan will also address the rally. They expressed the confidence that this rally is sure to usher in presenting a left and democratic alternative committed to topple new liberal economic policies and strengthning secular democratic Indian Polity.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Awami Mutahida Mahaz (AMM) Releases First List of its Candidates

Awami Mutahida Mahaz(AMM) today released its first list of ten candidates for the forthcoming state Assembly Elections. J&K Awami Mutahida Mahaz was formed in September last year as an amalgam of CPI(M), Peoples Democratic Front, Samajwadi Party, JKNDF, CPI, IDP and some other likeminded parties/groups. The Mahaz stresses on the formation of alternative political policies, maintaining of state’s unity, strengthening of its secular fabric, rooting out of corruption and striving for exemplary good governance. It aims at making purposeful and constructive intervention within and outside the legislative institutions for maintaining peace and resolving of burning issues, confronting the people of the state. It also advocates guaranteeing difference of opinion, intensive constructive changes in the administration; complete rehabilitation of migrants and released militants , jobs for the unemployed; regularization of casual and other employees and due role to the youth of the state in political, social, cultural and developmental activities. The Mahaz stands for the restoration of all the political and administrative powers to the state, withdrawn by underhand means since 1952, withdrawal of all draconian laws, unconditional release of all detenues against whom there are no serious criminal charges and the removal of disparities among different regions and sub-regions of the state.
Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami CPI(M) will contest from Kulgam,Hakeem Mohd Yaseen (PDF) from Khan Sahib, Fayaz Ahmad Dar (PDF) from Budgam, Zahoor Ahmad Rather CPI(M) from Wachi, Ab. Qayoom Mir(PDF) from Pulwama, Ab Rashid Pandith CPI from Shopian ; Er. Sheikh Mohd Shafi (Samajwadi Party) from Baderwah , Amrit Varsa(Samajwadi Party) from Ramban; Advocate Pushpa Dogra (Samajwadi Party) from Chenani and Om Prakash CPI(M) from Reasi

Regarding post flood reconstruction and rehabilitation of the affected in the state, the Mahaz has advocated setting up of an enquiry commission which should identify the main causes of the unprecedented destructive floods and fix its responsibility. The umbrella organization feels that along with other causes, the carelessness and insensitivity of the government has to be taken into account. In its manifesto, the Mahaz has promised to strive with vigour for complete reconstruction of various public and private sectors as also for rehabilitating all the flood affected people. Giving top priority to relief, the Mahaz has urged the central government to declare the recent Kashmir floods as a “National Disaster” and release funds accordingly.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

National Convention of Dalits - Nov 27

We are happy to inform you that the Dalit Soshan Mukti Manch (DSMM) is organising a National Convention on November 27 in New Delhi at Constitution Club Annexe. In a press meet organised in New Delhi on November 3, 2014, the Dalit Soshan Mukti Manch (DSMM) has demanded the Central Government to call a Special Session of Parliament to discuss the issues concerning the Dalits.
The Dalit Soshan Mukti Manch is a national level platform of organisations and individuals belonging to various states who have come together and have formed a National Platform of Action against Caste Discrimination and for Social Justice. The DSMM will fight against untouchability, social oppression, caste discrimination and attacks on Dalits in various states and for economic upliftment of socially oppressed sections.
These organisations are:
• Pattikajathi Kshema Samithi in Kerala,
• Tapasili Jati Samanway Samiti in Tripura,
• Tamil Nadu Untouchability Eradication Front (TN)
• Kula Vivaksha Vyatireka Porata Sangham in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana
• Dalit Utpeedan Virodhi Morcha in Himachal Pradesh,
• Karnataka Dalit Hakkagala Committee
• Jaathi Antha Sangharsh Samiti in Maharashtra
• Dalit Adhikar Manch in Haryana
And various other organisations in many states have been taking up issues of untouchability and atrocities on Dalits and waging struggles. They have been organising various activities promoting the cause of social justice. The DSMM will also include people who have been consistently raising issues of social justice.
This Platform will also join the other socially oppressed groups and work in solidarity with those who are fighting for social justice.
In this endeavour, we are seeking the support of all the democratic minded people to strengthen and galvanise the movement for social justice.
To fight social oppression and to promote unity among all Dalits and other socially oppressed sections of the society, a National Convention is being organised on November 27 in New Delhi.
This Platform will be focussing and campaigning on the following issues:
• Untouchability
The inhuman practice of untouchability is still prevalent across the country making it impossible for the sense of brotherhood to prevail among the people. The eradication of untouchability is an important step towards attaining social justice.
• Caste discrimination
Various forms of caste based discrimination are practiced in our country. Right from tea stalls in villages to higher education institutes like universities, to disallowing Dalits into temples, we find caste based discrimination on the people.
• Atrocities
Violence and atrocities on Dalits are increasing. Whenever and wherever there is an assertion by the Dalits for their rights, we see that they are being attacked. Incidents of ‘Honour’ killings are increasing across the country.
• Inequity and issues of land, wage and employment
There is a huge gap between the Dalits and other sections of the society in terms of possessing assets. A large number of Dalits are landless. They are economically exploited as a majority of them are agricultural labourers and there is discrimination in paying equal wages to Dalits.
• Safeguarding MGNREGA
The rural employment guarantee Act has provided some amount of relief for the socially oppressed groups in the villages. To an extent, it paved way for lesser dependence on the upper caste/landlord sections. Now the Government of India has decided to dilute it which is inimical to the interests of Dalits. We need to protect MGNREGA and strive to ensure that the Act is further strengthened.
• Implementation of Civil Rights
Although the Constitution grants equal civil rights to all sections of the people, we witness that the situation in practice is not so. Dalits are denied these rights at every stage of life. Still many uncivilised practices are going on against the spirit of the Constitution.
• Issues of Reservation
There are many instances where the policy of reservations is not implemented properly. The rules are being flouted. Even now, there is no legislation for providing reservations in private sector.
• Recruitment
There are many posts lying vacant in the departments. A special drive must be undertaken to fill up all backlog posts.
• Non-implementation of SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act and Scheduled Caste Sub-Plan
There are many instances where the PoA Act has not been implemented and there is laxity on the part of the authorities to invoke this Act. The SCSP is also not implemented as we see that the mandated allocations are never made in the budgets. For effective implementation of SCSP a law should be enacted to make this as a statutory one.
• Issues of Dalit women
The Dalit women face the worst forms of attacks and caste violence. Gang-rapes and rapes on Dalit women are increasing.
They face the triple oppression based on caste, class and gender. This should end.
In our efforts to challenge and fight the scourge of caste and social oppression, we seek the support and participation of all sections of people who believe in equality and democracy. We appeal to all the democratic minded people to make the November 27 Convention a huge success.
K Varadarajan (Tamil Nadu)
V Srinivas Rao (Andhra Pradesh)
Kanti Biswas (West Bengal)
K Radha Krishnan (Kerala)
G Mamatha (Telangana)
Tikender Singh Panwar (Himachal Pradesh)
Ram Avtar Sulchani (Haryana)
Brijlal Bharati (Uttar Pradesh)

Week Long Protest Campaign by Six Left Parties

A meeting of six Left parties – Communist Party of India (Marxist), Communist Party of India, Revolutionary Socialist Party, All India Forward Bloc, Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)-Liberation and Socialist Unity Centre of India (Communist) was held today at New Delhi. They have issued the following statement:
With the advent of the Modi government in power there is a concerted rightwing offensive fueled by the corporate-Hindutva forces. There is a growing onslaught on the people through the imposition of neo-liberal policies which is going to adversely impact the livelihood of the people. There is no respite for the people from price rise, unemployment and corruption.
The Hindutva forces are resorting to aggressive communal activities. The Modi government’s patronage of the RSS and its outfits is aimed at communalising the educational, social and cultural institutions. There is rise in communal tensions in different parts of the country.
The Left parties decided to conduct a week long protest campaign between December 8 to 14, 2014 on the following issues:
(i)               Against steps to  curtail and dilute the MNREGA
(ii)            Curb price rise; control exorbitant price of medicines and drugs
(iii)           No increased FDI in insurance.
(iv)          Take firm action to unearth black money
(v)             Stop infiltration of the RSS and Hindutva ideology in education, public broadcasting media and other institutions of the State.
(vi)          Stop the “love jihad” hate campaign and other forms of communal propaganda
(vii)        Stop attacks on minorities and their rights
(viii)     Fight violence against women and all forms of gender oppression
(ix)          Fight against atrocities on dalits and caste oppression
Those who attended the meeting were:
Debabrata Biswas {AIFB}; Kshiti Goswami & Manoj Bhattacharya {RSP}; Swapan Mukherjee & Kavita Krishnan {CPI(ML)-Liberation}; Manik Mukherjee & Ranjit Dhar {SUCI(C)}, A.B. Bardhan & D Raja {CPI} and Prakash Karat & S Ramachandran Pillai {CPI(M)}.