Sunday, December 14, 2014

People won't Tolerate Burglars: Biman Basu

People of West Bengal will never stand by the burglars who cheated million of common mass. West Bengal does not belong to the culture of saving burglars, said CPI(M) State Secretary and Left Front Chairman Biman Basu in the context of Madan Mitra's arrest.

While talking on Mamata Banerjee's arrogance and recent use of nasty language Biman Basu stated that 'it is evident that burglars often lose their tempers. Trinamool leaders are now facing such a situation. People even have started evading Trinamool rallies'. Basu also stated that 'two more Trinamool leaders are still to be arrested on Chit Fund scam issue. If the 'ear' named Mukul is pulled the 'head' named Mamata will surely come forward.

When asked by the Journalists, Biman Basu said that 'for the detainment of a Minister, we don't demand fall of the State Government, but the accused Ministers must resign from the cabinet. He reminded that even during the infamous Siddhartha Shankar Ray's black regime the Land Reform Minister Suniti Chattaraj was forced to resign from the cabinet when accused of Fodder scam by the Wangchu Commission'.

Biman Basu also stated that 'one Minister said on Friday that CBI arrested Madan Mitra to intercept the development programme of the State Government. How the development can be related with such a big Ponzi scam? Are not burglars to be convicted even after stealing billions of public money? Not just Saradha, there are more than 200 such companies that siphoned out hardened money of the millions of common and toiling people. More than 80 people have committed suicide so far. None can say the exact amount of scam i.e. how many crores of rupees have been siphoned out. So the Chief Minister now fears CBI interrogation and further investigation. Biman Basu however sharply criticized the Chief Minister for her statement that she would meet Madan Mitra. How can a Chief Minister express her solidarity with an accused?

CPI(M) demands Mamata be questioned

The CPI(M) today demanded that TMC chief Mamata Banerjee be questioned in connection with the Saradha scam and termed her challenge to the CBI to arrest her as "unconstitutional."
                "She has challenged the Supreme Court's directive to the CBI to probe into the Saradha scam... Being the chief minister of a state how can she do this. This is against the Constitution... We are ashamed of this," Opposition leader Surkyakanta Mishra said at a rally here.
                The rally demanded the questioning of Mamata and the top Trinamool leadership "involved in the scam".
                "One of her MPs arrested in the Saradha scam has been telling that she (Banerjee) is the boss of all these," Mishra said in an apparent reference to suspended TMC MP Kunal Ghosh, arrested over a year back in this connection.
                Mishra alleged that both TMC and BJP have been "working out on a secret nexus," and held Banerjee responsible for the state's stalemate.
                "She (Mamata) is responsible for the state's stalemate... The TMC and the BJP both are involved in a nexus," he said.
                Mishra also claimed that Banerjee has little knowledge on the laws of the country and in the past had herself violated laws several times.
                He also questioned why a "law-violation" case against Banerjee would not be initiated on her challenging the apex court's directive on the Saradha scam.
                Predicting that the ruling TMC party "would no longer exist and disintegrate" in near future, Mishra invited those "honest, patriot, secular" activists in state to join hands to save the state and the country.
                "All are not bad in Trinamool. There must be few who are honest, patriot and secular. We invite them to join us in our fight to save the country... This TMC will not be there, it will disintegrate," the CPI(M) leader said further asserting that the Left would be the only party to save the country's future.
                CITU leader Anadi Sahu and CPI(M) leader Rabin Deb were also present in the rally which passed through the hub of the city.